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Stamped//To _dixie_girl_

Here's a point system and a few hunts you could use. Also you could try making up a few hunts yourself/adding to the two I made so they are up to par.

Dorks_Are_Fun Points System:

Post a picture, +10 per picture
Do a D.A.F theme, +20 points
Make a promotional banner, +25 per banner
Make a Banned/Rejected/Accepted banner, +25 per banner
Promote in a promoting community(links must be provided) , +5 per working link
Promote somewhere else other than a promotion community(links must be provided), +10 per working link
A applicant states than you recommended them to D.A.F, +10 per person

Dorks_Are_Fun Hunts:
(Hunts subject to change each month)

To do a Hunt you must find pictures of the said item mentioned in the hunt or something related to that item. Example, the hunt asks you to find a picture of a dog, you could put a dog bone, toy or water dish, ect, and it still would count. There is not limit of pictures you can post for one item in a hunt, the more pictures you have the better!

Hunt 1: Animals
1. A picture of your pet
2. Fish:
3. Tiger:
4. Elephant:
5. Bunny:

Hunt 2: People
1. Picture of yourself:
2. family member:
3. old person:
4. baby:
5. Classmate:
6. Boy friend/Girl Friend:
7. Your Crush:

Also on a side note,would it be okay if I sort of ran the hunts and such for now. If people start to do them I can tally their points. While thats on my mind you should probably make a community for Dorks_Are_Fun stuff such as this or you could just put the number of points everyone has on the user page.
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