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dorks_are_fun's Journal

We love being dorks and we are fun!
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1. This is a rating community. If you can't handle the critisism, than you don't belong here.
2. Don't argue with the mods or members. First the mods will warn you, then if it continues we will ban you.
3. Do not post entries in the community unless you're accepted.
4. You must submit an application within 48hrs. after joining the community. If you don't you will be ban.
5. respect the mods and every other member.
6. Never remove an application even if you are not accepted. If you do you will be ban.
7. Have fun and remember that everything is on topic here. Even if you want to talk about flying purple elephants.

1. Put "Am I A Fun Dork?" in your subject for the entry. If you do not do this your application will be void.
2. Answers all the questions in the application.
3. Don't comment on other entries until you are accepted.
4. It will be 2-3 days until you're stamped or rejected. Sometimes more. If you don't get stamped in a while, comment on one of the mods journals or latest post in the community.
5. If you're rejected, feel free to try again in two weeks. You may only try up to three times. After that take the hint.
6. Please bold either the questions or answers of your application. This makes it easier for the members to read.
7. Remember that even if everyone else votes "no" the mod always has the last word.
8. Fill out the application.


This Application may change if the mod feels like adding something or taking something out.

1. You must stay active. If you are going to be inactive let the community know. Then let the community know once you have returned.
2. If you are removed you have to re-apply to the community.
3. When voting put "Yes", "No", or "Undecided" in the subject box. This making counting votes easy and fast.
4. Be nice to applicants, even if you are saying a "no".
5. Any suggestions are welcome.
6. You may post entries on anything. Anything in this community is on topic.
7. Put "stamped" as your subject.
8. You are allowed to promote other communities but only with the approval of the Mod or Co-Mod and it must be behind lj-cut.
9. Promote-Promote-Promote.


***If you would like to apply to be a co-mod fill out this application and put in the subject box "Could I become a dorky co-mod?". All things must be filled out.***

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